Welcome to Paradise!

Gotcha, didn’t I? This isn’t actually paradise, as much as I would wish it to be. I guess this site COULD be considered paradise, as paradise is what each and every one of us makes it out to be, individually. So, if this is YOUR paradise, I thank you!

For all the other viewers who came to this site (whether it be of your own will or because I somehow convinced you to come here) words cannot thank you enough for stopping by and looking at what my very little skill and brain power has created with the help of WordPress.

What This Site Is

This website is a means for me to broadcast what is going on in my life, whether it be through pictures I have taken on adventures, ideas and thoughts that have crossed through the wilderness that is my mind, posts about things that are going on in my life, or just whatever my mind tells me to post on that particular day. In no way am I trying to convince anyone of anything or to think a certain way, this site is almost just an extension of my brain itself. Think of it as a bit of a time capsule. As time goes on, more and more posts will be here, and you can look back and see how my writing, posts, ideas, thoughts, and everything has changed over whatever span of time I’ve been posting.

(As for WHY this site was created, look in the ‘About Me’ page :D)